the price is right.


my colleague recently ordered a book online for her classroom

 then added a second book

because it was such a deal at the great price of $2.50.

when her order arrived, she only saw one book

until upon further inspection

she discovered

much to her surprise

sitting in the corner of the box

the $2.50 book

which was actually a miniature edition

 while it was technically a book

 it was perhaps better sized for the fairy world

though still a good deal

as we definitely had more than $2.50 worth of laughs.

“the best things in life are free – and $19.95”

-billy mays


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  1. I have a miniature book like that. I found the appropriate sized stuff animal in my slimmed down collection of stuffed animals and opened up the little book and plopped it on its lap like it was reading the book!

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  2. I am pretty sure I know the age of the children in your friend’s class. 🙂
    And I am pretty sure the children will want to listen to it and see the pictures over and over. 🙂
    And I am almost certain the children will soon be saying the words right along as it is read. 🙂
    It is that kind of book. 🙂

    I speak from experience. 😉

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  3. Got to see the humor in life. I have a wonderfully funny image in my mind of you reading your mini book to your students and holding it up for them so they can “see” the pictures.

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  4. I always liked reading the book “Jump” By Scott M. Fischer. I always made the kids jump at the word JUMP! I’ve bought it several times for schools, libraries and friends with young kids. My son and I also really liked books by Steve Jenkins,(in order of top three favorites) “Down,down,down: A Journey to the bottom of the Sea”, “Biggest, Strongest, Fastest”, and “Actual Size.”

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