please don’t ask for extra glasses.


it is my great pleasure to introduce you

to humor writer and fellow blogger Barb Taub’s latest book


it’s a rollicking tale of friendship, fun, travel to India adventure and misadventure

all taken with a tiny grain of salt and huge dose of humor

it’s a wonderful multi-cultural mashup of history, color photos,

travel tips, shopping advice, food suggestions, language and negotiation skills,

and chock full of ‘I wish we’d known that/what not to do lessons’

even if you never plan to travel to India, you’re sure to enjoy this read.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

“she generally gave herself good advice, though she very seldom followed it.”

-lewis carroll

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  1. Beth, I LOVE how you promote your blogging friends, friends who don’t blog, good deeds, fun stuff, great thoughts and brilliant quotes – in short: I LOVE YOU 🙂
    That typically would be a book I’d buy in a heart’s breath – it looks EXACTLY like the stuff I love and rejoice in. A giggle or three escaped me just already reading your ‘promo’. Thanks.

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