begin again.


*life finds a way 


“no matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.”



  * the above photo was taken while exploring what was once the traverse city state hospital (1885-1989), and more recently has been restored and given new life as the traverse city village commons. most buildings are now teeming with life and commerce, while other buildings still await their second chance, ghost stories and all.


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  1. This post’s pictures remind me of something in my life. After I joined the Peace Corps in 1967, I found out that a guy in my group was from Tacoma. I told him I’d been born there too; in fact we’d been born in the same hospital just a few months apart. He grew up in Tacoma, so it really was his home town. I was born there only because my father was stationed in the area for a while during World War II. By the time I was about a year old my parents had moved back to New York, so of course I had no memories at all of Tacoma. In 1978 I visited my Peace Corps friend in Tacoma so I could finally see the town. One of the things he and I did was go to Tacoma General Hospital. We found that the old obstetrics section was no longer in use, but we snuck into the closed unit just to look around at the place where we’d both entered the world.

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  2. I’ve always loved exploring old abandoned buildings. Only once did I find something creepy, dead burnt birds tacked up on the walls. It was at an old victorian house out in the middle of nowhere. Closest thing to it was a high security mental ward. There was some recent men’s clothes in one corner. So I can’t help but wonder in a patient might have escaped. My friends and I got out of there pretty fast after finding that room.

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    • i used to do this when i was young as well, old abandoned mansions, near where our new neighborhood was being built.

      the picture i took was from a group of buildings all were once part of a regional mental hospital and i’m sure there were lots of bad experiences there, judging by the dates it was open.


  3. in each and every moment, begin again, create again…love that; and, it is so nice to see that they are going to (re)purpose the building, stories included, of course! This also reminds me of a show I sometimes watched with the boys, well, some time ago now, called Ghost Hunters….show was scary sometimes! 👻

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