tracking through life.


had one of those days a couple of weeks ago

dropped off my car for an expensive repair

took a walk downtown

glasses fell out somewhere

apparently in the middle of the road

where they got run over

lenses survived

backup pair still in car being repaired

went to the backup of the backup pair

not the best

really not good if i had to identify a witness while wearing them

went home and sat on my couch in time to see

yeti the cat accidentally break my favorite vase

called my optometrist

who said the company that made my frames had been sold

Β they are discontinued and my lenses were custom made to fit in them

found a pair of the lenses online while squinting

Β now i await their arrival

as i track them all over the country

traveling in a bit of an illogical order

Β can’t wait to see where they land next

hopefully on my face.

Tracking my package so far:

From: Staten Island to Queens to Indianapolis to Detroit back to Indianapolis then back to Detroit and still not here, who knows where next?

Shipped with USPS

Tracking ID: 9402111699000087082270

Sunday, July 25
1:22 AM
Package has left the carrier facility.
Detroit Mi Distribution Center, US
Saturday, July 24
11:05 AM
Package has left the carrier facility.
Indianapolis, IN US
6:08 AM
Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Detroit Mi Distribution Center, US
Friday, July 23
10:44 PM
Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Indianapolis, IN US
7:50 AM
Package has left the carrier facility.
Queens Ny Distribution Center, US
12:09 AM
Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Queens Ny Distribution Center, US
Wednesday, July 21
1:30 PM
Package arrived at a carrier facility.
Staten Island, NY US
Tuesday, July 20
Package has shipped
“the search for what you want is like tracking something that doesn’t want to be tracked.
it takes time to get a dance right, to create something memorable.”
-fred astaire

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  1. Hold on there a second. If you didn’t have your glasses on, how can you be sure it was Yeti that broke the vase? Although, that does sound exactly like the type of accident that comes from youthful play.

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  2. ‘Looks’ like you’ll have trouble ‘seeing’ your dancing shoes while your waltzing with Fred’ … oh is that you there Fred’ … the blind leading the blind … Oh I should be more kind … πŸ™‚

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  3. Sorry to hear about your glasses. I love to watch the tracking on a package because it takes the longest mysterious course to it destination. The US postal system has got to be the worlds biggest living maze.

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  4. I am so sorry for your predicament! I’m afraid I did chuckle just a wee bit at the absurdity of it all. I literally walk across the street, pick up my frames from hundreds on display, get my eyes tested and they put them together on site. I only wait a few days. With everything that you have gone through, it seems to me that you should buy a lottery ticket. Your luck has got to change!

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    • oh, I find it all quite funny too, the universe can be quite a prankster at times. ) I normally do get my glasses locally, but of course they no longer make the frames that fit my unique lenses )

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  5. oh my…. what a story! made me smile though which might have been your intention in the first place.
    Had similar experience with a bathing suit I bought online some 6 or 8 weeks ago. Tracking brought nothing much, seller wrote that package had left premises, then 2 mails that it would take longer than expected, then further tracking links….. but no bathing suit! Didn’t matter as the weather wasn’t terribly kind either but still ;(
    Then, finally, a long while since my order, it arrived, but couldn’t ever be tracked, was promised to be delivered into my hands at the end of a day (sent at 9:10pm!!!), waited up to 11pm, thought no, that can’t be right, got another mail the next day that it would be delivered today (day after) and wonder oh wonder, it was dumped in front of the house with rain pouring down – no ringing, no nothing, I only knew because I got yet another mail that it had been DELIVERED then and then!
    It’s called progress. Hope you can read this!!!!!

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    • hahaha – yes, my intention I’m endlessly amused by crazy systems. glad you finally got your suit. my glasses weren’t in the package were they? )


      • Ha, now that you mentioned it – had another search, nope…. and neither did I get the promised 50 Foto papers with a way over 100 CHF order of printer’s ink…. buying online is OK and often a necessity, but execution is another thing altogether.
        Have you received your glasses now?

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        • Yes, execution is a whole other thing, you’re right. No delivery yet, but it shows they are now in my city, if they don’t send them somewhere else, they should be delivered relatively soon I hope

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  6. Well, that sounds like “one of those” days. It’s good that you can make light of it πŸ™‚ But I certainly hope tomorrow is much better!

    And yes- even here in Aus the tracking of a package can be a mystifying process. I’ve bought things from way over the other side of the country which arrive in 2 days, while I waited almost 2 weeks recently for something that was coming from a shop located literally a 30 minute drive away! ( the only reason I made an online purchase there was that we are under eternal lockdown, so online was my only option).

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  7. I’ve tracked deliveries all the way to the local distribution center … and then they just vanish. I had another due in two days, got a notice that there was a delay and it would be another week, then it appeared on my porch the next day. One from Amazon never arrived, so they sent a replacement, then the original arrived, so I had two. Hope your glasses arrive soon.

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