remotely interested.


when not at home

i am often reminded

that there is always a learning curve

upon encountering new remotes 

as is often the case

they seem to have been designed 

by someone who wanted to add

lots of colorful or completely unmarked obscure buttons

i am far from winning or fully appreciating the options

luckily i have my secret weapons – my grandies

who can navigate their way around them with ease. 


“i couldn’t find the remote control to the remote control.”

-steven wright

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  1. Good one, Beth. True little tale: Yesterday I texted my daughter to boast of a small tech victory, and she texted back that she now goes to her niece for help on the subject. I had to laugh as the battle continues.

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  2. For reasons too complex to mention, I have to use two remotes. I don’t know what half the buttons do. Late one night I accidentally pushed some button that messed up everything and had to call Comcast tech support to get things straightened out. Just for a remote button. I was so embarrassed.

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  3. The purpose of my grandchildren seems to be helping me with not only the remotes, but also my phone and computer. I know the multiplication times table better than any of them, but even that makes me look bad because their electronics get them the answers fast enough.

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  4. I learned how to text from an 8yo friend. I’m not shy about learning from any one of any age either. Except when my kid tries to explain video games to me, because, “Dude, My generation INVENTED video games! and secondly, “I’ve been playing video games long before you were born!” Ha,ha,ha

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  5. What happens to me is I inadvertently brush against one of the buttons, and my screen goes all wonky. Then I spend the next half hour trying to figure out how to get back. You should open up a “spare a grandie” business.

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