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  1. When the power goes out (even without a storm) we/I may think that we know what living in the olden days was like.
    But no! We can’t know that anymore than the olden day folks could know what living with power would be like.

    Thinking about it isn’t knowing about it.

    I’m thinking that you know what I’m talking about. 😉

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    Bolts of lightning from the sky
    And plant them in fields of life.

    They will grow like tender sprouts of fire.
    Charge somber thoughts
    With unexpected flash,
    You, my lightning in the soil!”
    ― Visar Zhiti, The Condemned Apple: Selected Poetry

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  3. I don’t mind a few hours without power. Building a fire, playing board games, reading by the lantern—it all sounds startlingly glamorous. Ah, screw that. Turn the power back on! 🤣

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  4. wow! You really got hit with it. We lucked out, just a few branches here and there. Wind was fierce but mostly all round us. So much RAIN in buckets. Sunny now and for a few days I hope. Hope the power is on soon, that’s for sure. To hot with AC and food in the freezer.

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    • Estimate is now Monday at midnight. Some people here have to be prioritized, downed wires, trees blocking their houses, love sparking. I am lucky I’m the scheme of things


  5. oh brother – and it was on a Friday, the 13th, if I understand correctly. Had my bros on a 2-day visit and we spoke about all the ‘things happening on a Fri 13th’ – I truly had a power cut on a Fri 13th but due not to a storm but our line cut by a fallen branch of trees ‘cutting through’ from our property to the power line across the road.
    For us the worst was loosing the contents of our freezer. In France nobody had AC, we just suffer in silence. Now I’m living in Switzerland, sans freezer at all (!), AC is simply not known here (thankfully, thinking of the environment) and ‘power’ can be bought for appliances such as computers etc….
    I DO hope that you’ll survive in beauty and may we all appreciate much more the possibility of just plunking a cable into a power outlet and all the fancy stuff we have normally available at our hands.
    I applaud you for continuing to blog!

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