*day 3.

May be an image of 1 person, brick wall and outdoors
washtenaw dairy has power – a beacon of light!
ice cream didn’t melt – a small miracle 
“life is such a miracle, a series of small miracles.
it really is, if you learn how to look at it with the right perspective.”
-james patterson
*(updated estimated time for my power restoration – monday at 11:30pm)

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  1. Three days without power and looking at two more. That stinks. There is a bright side – one you’ve got a place to go when you are Jonesin’ a creamy frozen cup of deliciousness. And two you are probably gonna get time to clean your freezer out. Stay positive and healthy. Peace.

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  2. The ice cream shop. Necessary for people enduring massive power outages. I’m surprised there isn’t a line out the door. Hope you get your power back a lot sooner than Monday. Has been long enough already. Wait … but you are still able to post this?

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    • Yes, an ice cream shop is a gift in this situation- walking to the library and an open coffee sop to charge everything up and use WiFi. At home, getting a personal hotspot on my phone


  3. Last year they started having times when the power was cut in California during the wildfires. (Not sure why we haven’t been affected so far this year because wildfires are at an all-time high. As soon as it went out, the sound of generators begins throughout the neighborhood—pretty crazy! Hang in there, Beth!

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  4. That’s a looooong time to be without power. Hope they find a way to bring it back faster. Fingers crossed. Really sorry you are all going through this but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s called ice cream.


  5. We had something similar when we were w/o power for 5 days.
    There was a Coffee shop across the street, and it had power. Turned out they were an odd duck, and on the nearby hospital’s power grid. (with 4 other buildings across the street)
    Their coffee was disgusting. I’m not sure how they stayed in business, but in this scenario, people were lined up for BLOCKS.

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