day 4.


still no power, but beautiful days

“the town was glad with morning light; places that had shown ugly and distrustful all night long, now wore a smile; and sparkling sunbeams dancing on chamber windows, and twinkling through blind and curtain before sleepers’ eyes, shed light even into dreams, and chased away the shadows of the night.”

-charles dickens

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  1. in 2007 we were without power for 8 days because of a powerful Sou’wester. Gasoline was hard to come by and generators had to be run judiciously. It made us really appreciate the miracle of flipping a switch. It put daylight in a whole ‘nother perspective.

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  2. You’ve a lovely attitude, after all one should always be able to smile even in the face of adversity. But I do hope your power is restored soon!

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  3. Some of our local schools started this past week, but most of them still have one more week. Your extended power outage made me recall adventures trying to teach in semidarkness.

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