out on a walk

not yet eight o’ clock

  streetlight on

a warning beacon

 season shines and quietly moves

 nearing its end.



“poetry is the shadow cast by our streetlight imaginations.”

-lawrence ferlinghetti

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  1. Of course the position of the sun is changing every day. But it seems there is always that day when you notice it more. You can even tell by the smell.

    Are you aware that tomorrow is Friday?? Yeah!


  2. I see darkness when I rise from bed and eat dinner already, Beth, sure do. We’re only days away from the fall equinox already. The world spins and rotates at the same speed always but everything seems to happen more quickly to me.

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  3. Streetlights are definitely signals. As kids, we had to be home when they went on. Everyone broke up and left as soon as that happened. Now we know how short the days are getting. They’re like clocks, reminding us what time it is and what’s happening around us.

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