behind and ahead.




 happy things left behind after someone’s day at the beach on lake michigan



“there are better things ahead than any we leave behind.”




holland, michigan, usa – fall 2021

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  1. Oh don’t I know these places well?! Love that lonely long sock…. tells a whole story! Here in Switzerland where ppl are very orderly and clean up beautifully ;), you hardly ever see a leftover place like this. Right next to our rental, we have THREE playgrounds of different types and every evening, someone rolls back the cover of the sandpit, so that none of the many, many catwalking cats are doing their business in it. Also, all the big toys are carefully ‘parked’ in front or back of their dwellings, and nothing gets stolen! What a difference to other countries I lived, where this would be impossible. I’m equally impressed and dispaired over such a sense of ‘doing the right thing’.

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  2. Even the almighty pen is only ever recognized by what it leaves behind. And I agree with Kiki, there is a wonderful story tying all these objects together that seems it would be a delightful read. Great post, Beth! Have a wonderful weekend enjoying the weather.

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