some may never think of this book as great literature

yet it is clearly one of my favorite books to read aloud

while this family is different from most

they accept absolutely everyone without judgement

always making the best of things

and seeing the good in other people

 the kinder think back on this

 learning to say ‘it’s just topsy-turvy’

when things change, are different than they expected, or don’t go as planned

they just smile and take it all in stride

  for this reason i do find it to be pretty great indeed

and i think what a beautiful lesson and way to be.

“all really good picture books are written to be read 500 times.”

-rosemary wellls

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  1. There are books that accompany you throughout your life. There are books or stories in books my kids wanted to hear over and over again. Sometimes those are the books I loved when I was a kid already.

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  2. the English phrase ‘topsy turvy’ has already a super sound to it and it’s so evocative that everybody just MUST see it’s wonderful-ness!!! Your book clearly is a much beloved one, it looks like something seen in a lovingly kept cookery book of a grandmother long gone…

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  3. Lovely Beth! Read this a few times.

    What a wonderful world it would be if it was full of topsy-turvies!
    “they accept absolutely everyone without judgment

    always making the best of things

    and seeing the good in other people”

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