yes, this is an original created by me. 

years ago i posted a story

about how i had weirdly crossed paths with

meatloaf the rocker, not meatloaf the food, twice in my life.

as part of the post, for clarification

i added in a boring picture

of the food version of meatloaf

as well as

a picture of the rocker version of meatloaf.

imagine my surprise when all these years later

i got a call from an attorney in california

wanting me to pay him for a picture of his dinner

i thought it was a prank

he insisted it was real

citing the date of my published post

angrily standing his ground

i decided to take down my whole meatloaf post

and end the drama

i am always happy to support artists and their work

i can’t imagine that a slice of meatloaf on his dinner plate

was meant to be art, could be in high demand, or cause such controversy

so as you can see above

i have created my own meatloaf picture

and as a gift to you my loyal readers,

you are all free to use it as often as you would like

at no charge and with no drama.

“taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time.”

-haruki murakami



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  1. Beth, pls tell me that this is a work of your imagination and not the truth! (OK don’t bother, I know it’s true….) – absolutely incredible but for us readers also absurdly funny – although my head spinns in its socket over such a crazed mind.
    And Thank You for this very personalised work of food-art!!!!! 😉

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  2. So sorry you had that experience, your photo was great even though I also do like your new art. I bet Meatloaf the person has no idea about that and the PR flacks spurred the attorney on? In my professional life I received cease and desist take down letters from attorneys for two companies you would have heard of because of images I placed in our newsletters. The images were provided to me by my clients, I didn’t create them. One letter was from the attorneys for Disney. Scary. You do not want to get on the wrong side of The Mouse! I think you handled the meatloaf saga perfectly! Best, Babsje

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  3. Even though you can’t show us the picture of the meatloaf that caused the problem, I love your photo so much more! My oldest son is an intellectual property lawyer. He tried to get me to remove certain references to real people in my novel Suicide Squeeze. That only encouraged me to leave them in. I thought I could benefit from such controversies. Sadly, no one cared!

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  4. I had someone angrily write me about his “bacon shaped as a heart” image…demanding I credit him or remove it. I explained that it was online without any attribution, but always happy to acknowledge Artists….he wrote a snippy response and I took it down completely…it was something I could have done and was happy to do so – as you did with your meatloaf drawing!

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  5. I would love to read that story about the chance encounters with Meatloaf. Please tell me he walked into your preschool classroom one day—that would make the story even better. I liked some of his music quite a bit. I still have Bat Out of Hell on vinyl. I also remember when he was on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice show. 🤣

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  6. As a photographer who has had her copyrighted photos used without permission, I understand the request to remove the meatloaf photo. The work we produce as creatives holds value, something that often seems lacking. I just wish you had been treated more kindly. But thank you for removing the image and for creating your own.

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    • I fully support and honor the rights of people/artists and their intellectual property. I did not see an attribution when I found the picture and it seemed to be a simple shot of someone’s dinner of meatloaf, so I used it. I was surprised by the heavy handed approach that the attorney used with me.


  7. That’s insane. I’m glad he was okay with you just removing the post. No doubt your meatloaf pic is way better anyway. But I think we all now want to hear the story of how you saw Meatloaf the singer, not meatloaf the food. 🙂

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  8. OMG! Get a life, people. I had a YouTube video taken down of my reading a picture book. It was my best video, and I had corresponded with the author. I was so disappointed in people that day. You must have felt the same way.

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