‘i refuse to accept pluto’s resignation as a planet.’- amy lee


 though not the first to go,

pluto lost its planetary status 15 years ago

 and not everyone agrees.

“as a planetary scientist, I don’t know what else to call Pluto: it’s big and round and thousands of miles wide.’ alan stern





credits: mental floss, jeopardy, getty images, courtney k

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  1. Something strange happened while I was reading your article Beth .. there was flash of lightning, and my computer backed out … Hmmm … I think the dark mythical god Pluto has struck out at my cosmic wave-lengths, in spiteful anger, while I was doing some research about the ‘Planet’ Pluto … this was very eerie Beth … And now I’m convinced … Pluto needs to reinstated as a Planet … NOW !! .. please ..

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  2. The first thing I thought of when I heard that Pluto was not going to be considered a planet was, “How many kids have I taught the list of planets over the years?” 😎

    I’m a huge Evanescence (and Amy Lee fan), so I went chasing the quote down to see if there was another Amy Lee. I can happily verify that it was my cherished singer. https://www.knowyourquotes.com/I-Refuse-To-Accept-Pluto39s-Resignation-As-A-Planet-Amy-Lee.html

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  3. I stand by Pluto as a planet, at least now its back to a dwarf planet. The Brontosaurus will always be my favorite dinosaur even though it got renamed as an Apatosaurus at some point for some reason I don’t care about. Hahaha. Do you remember the 1985 movie Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend? That was one of my favorite movies as a kid.

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  4. I was upset about the change in Pluto’s status. It negated something I had learned in school.
    So, past education can become obsolete. It has, and will continue to do so. Computers were not part of my school life. When cursive writing stopped being taught, I thought lunacy. They are now bringing it back in places.

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