hearts to you.


my heart goes out to all children, their families, and their teachers

senselessly lost or hurt this week in a just a moment at a local school.

as a mother, grandmother, teacher, and human

i cannot make sense of it.






image credit: wild and precious

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  1. The old NUMB: unable to think, feel, or react normally because of something that shocks or upsets. Heart is our offering.

    The new NUMB: Indifference to something that used to shock or upset.

    Not everyone is indifferent of course.

    But some who have the power/authority to stop the madness/indifference are not willing to act.

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  2. My anti-gun control anti-Roe v. Wade “representative” seems totally OK with kids being killed in schools. I cannot make sense of it either. She has four boys of her own but apparently lacks the imagination and empathy to imagine being the parent of a kid who’s been shot for no reason. Sometimes I want to crawl under a rock.

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  3. I think, as a species, we are going backward. We are becoming uncivilized and more brutal and insane. Who can understand the violence that’s happening in the world today? Who can understand the age of some of the killers?

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