january 6th remembered.



memorial at u.s. capitol 


“great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

-albert einstein



photo credit: reuters, carlos barria

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  1. I have never been so angry at my fellow humans as I was the day this was happening. The many different views that various news media posted were only a part of the havoc created. When we don’t value our Capitol, we are a broken country.

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  2. Still cannot believe this happened in our country. I feel sick every time I see images from that day. We have become too comfortable in our democracy, thinking something such as this dreadful insurrection could never happen on our own soil. Hope every last perpetrator is held accountable.

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  3. It’s very strange that I was watching this happen live. I was following closely the transition from Trump to Biden and so was keen to see that final step be completed, as well as just finding it interesting to watch the affairs of another country through their news channel. And seeing it all unfold like a slow-motion crash was surreal, with the gradually escalating urgency of the reporter on the ground, them becoming unavailable as they had to shelter, reporters in the studio making mistakes in interpreting what was happening on the screen because it was so unbelievable, e.g. rioters filing INTO the capitol rather than OUT as they initially called it. And I just sat there waiting for the reporters to catch up to the true scale of it. The way they just so casually strolled in had the appearance of being led OUT by security.

    Because it took two hours to develop it was really hard to make sense of it. It was hard to reconcile the lack of a police response with the escalating danger. It was just so confusing. You didn’t want to allow yourself to envision it being an actual coup attempt, never mind it succeeding. In the US capitol of all places. And because that would be a major historical event, what are the odds? It ranks up there with watching 9/11 on the news honestly in terms of pure bewilderment.

    I was experiencing an event which I couldn’t share with anyone else here in the UK, because if you hadn’t been watching it live and weren’t invested you wouldn’t grasp the scale of it until seeing it on the news hours later. But knowing the implications that would have not just on the US made it very scary from here I can tell you. I stayed up late until I knew it was resolved and even watched the senate thing in the end! And seeing THAT happen after ALL of that chaos was another level of surreality…western democracy dodged a bullet for sure, for now. I am still anxious about the ability for Trump to return. I still can’t believe the impeachment process couldn’t prevent that.

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    • I understand every word of this.I was watching it live as well, off on winter break, while my family all watched in horror, each in their own homes.we communicated back and forth as events unfolded and each forever changed by having been witness to this horrific event

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  4. Mr. Einstein was so right…
    Hope nothing like that ever happens again in the US, but the way things are shaping up it may be unavoidable. But hopefully justice will prevail and the guilty one…and guilty ones…end up in prison where they belong.

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  5. A day that brought shame on those involved (Including Trump) indeed. A small group of individuals sent the wrong message around the world, and gave it a view of a side of the US that will never be forgotten. Very sad.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. I wonder if Einstein realized that the mediocre minds think they are great thinkers? It’s unspeakable (I guess) to say what I wish for the primary instigator, his horrible progeny, his fan base, etc. Of all the things that have happened in my life — personal and global — Jan 6 2021 was the most traumatic. I will never be the person I was before.

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  7. Worse than the violence…none of the senators who were involved were punished, held responsible. No one actually paid for what they did. That to me is worse by far. Why shouldn’t it happen again? No logical consequences. The cops let everyone walk away and so did the court.

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