someone, (not me) celebrating by bubble-bathing 

last night

i once again celebrated one of my favorite holidays

national bubblebath day

 actually i celebrate this most every day

i’m a huge fan of baths, less so of showers

 often so relaxing that i fall asleep in the bath

if ever my post doesn’t show up one morning

you’ll know what has happened to me.

what about you? are you team bath or team shower?

national bubble bath day:

Few things are as soothing and relaxing as a bubble bath. This is especially true if the bather decides to take their bubble bath to the next level using scented bath oils. Because bubbles form an insulating layer on top of the water, bubble baths also tend to stay warmer longer than ordinary baths. With that said, it’s National Bubble Bath Day, which celebrates the joys of these baths.

history of the bubble bath:

Although soap is a substance used since ancient times, it was very different from today’s soap. Baths were important to the Greeks and Romans, but most of the time oil, not soap, was used to dissolve dirt and grime on the skin. Sometimes this oil would be mixed with fire ashes, which creates a primitive soap that dissolves dirt and oils.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Europe entered the Dark Ages and bathing fell out of fashion. That’s because suspicion and myths arose around the act of bathing, and many households only had access to primitive soaps. As bathing declined, the public became more prone to various diseases and plagues which continued until the Renaissance.

During the Renaissance, scented bath oils became extremely popular, but they were only enjoyed by the aristocracy and they didn’t produce a whole lot of bubbles. Fortunately, during this time, bathing also increased among the lower classes. However, the types of soaps used by the upper and the lower classes differed greatly. While the upper classes enjoyed high-quality scented soaps made from olive oils, the lower class had to be content with lye-based soaps made from rendered animal fats.

Bubble baths as we would know them today started with the invention of soap flakes—which was around the turn of the 20th century. By the 1930s, bubble baths were a widespread practice and the practice continued to increase in popularity from the 1940s on. Today, a variety of bubble baths are produced and enjoyed by people all over the world.

“you can often wash your troubles away with the right kind of bath.

throw everything you have into the tub; bubble gels, bubble oils, bubble powders, bubble gum. “

-henry beard



image credit: bored panda

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  1. My tub is small and not conducive to stretch out and enjoy lingering. Plus, I know there will be a soap scum and dead skin ring to be cleaned afterwards. If I had a large tub and someone to clean it for me, I’d be team bath followed by a quick and rinsing team shower.

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  2. We moved into a house in Glasgow that the 90s forgot. One of the truly decadent things is a gigantic jacuzzi tub, complete with underwater lights and sound system that vibrates in time to music (from underwater speakers, natch). There’s a built-in seat with a waterfall faucet down the back. There’s even a (non-working) built-in TV. I try to use it as much as possible because I’m convinced the 90s want it back…

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  3. I still have a bath every day rather than a shower, though my wife is the opposite. Because we have a ‘corner bath’, I cannot lie down in it, but I stll enjoy the warmth it provides, especially in the winter months.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  4. Team shower. Like Sadie, I wouldn’t be able to get out of a tub. And having to step into a tub to get my shower is increasingly worrisome.

    That picture made me giggle all over!


  5. National bubble bath day? What won’t they celebrate. At one time, I loved bubble baths but I now I have no tub and they haven’t invented the tub that keeps the water warm. Once I had a jucuzzie tub that took an entire 50 gallons of hot water and it cooled off before I got into the tub. Used it twice. I’m on the shower team now. I have a drop down seat in my new place in case I get tired of standing. 😉 Love the Hedgehog.


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