here we go.


i just love everything

about this 1955 michigan tourism poster 

according to the map

it looks like ann arbor

is the place where you can dance. 

“you live as long as you dance.”

-rudolf nureyev



poster source: michigan heritage and history

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  1. A “Here We Go” contest

    Make your own poster with pictures/quotes/words/whatever about Michigan or any other place/SITUATION. 😉

    Wherever we are going ….. I wish we would hurry up and get there. Folks are getting impatient for some action!

    (I love Michigan. Visited Ann Arbor and the university many many years ago. Beautiful!)

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  2. That’s awesome. I love those old posters and ads. I know there are many beautiful places out in the United States to see, but there’s so much beauty right here in our home state! Many of those sites I still have yet to see, but plan on it. I have lots of places outside of the state on my bucket list, but I certainly have a lot of places from our state on that bucket list too.

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