dragons, and groundhogs, and snow – oh my!


the kinder celebrated the lunar new year

with a fierce painting of a chinese dragon

who will keep us all safe

woody the groundhog was scheduled to emerge this morning

on groundhog day

 to predict how much longer winter will stick around


we are now-

about to be hit with a MAJOR snowstorm.

it’s truly a week

to celebrate things

big and small.

in honor of groundhog day:

“what fresh hell is this?!”

-woody the groundhog

in honor of the lunar new year:

“so comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their ending!”

– j.r.r. tolkien

in honor of the snow:

“snow day, bring it!”

-beth kennedy

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  1. Bracing for another cold icy day or two here. Last year about this time Texas had a brutal week of misery. The weather was not at fault! Something with the power grid (don’t understand). No water or elec.
    A neighbor filled barrels and jugs and buckets etc from his pool and rolled it around to all of us….for our personal needs. I still have shelves of bottled water.
    I know it was not as bad as up north, but a Feb. not to be forgotten.

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