hunger harness.

reynolds wrap made a food harness to keep your favorite super bowl snacks close
If you plan to watch the big game today on Super Bowl Sunday, and also anticipate eating your body weight in food while doing so, take a look back at Super Bowl 2019, when the aluminum foil aficionados at Reynolds Wrap had something they wanted to show you. Here was their unique promotional offering:

You can now satiate your appetite without moving a muscle or missing a play, thanks to the Reynolds Wrap Hunger Harness. This $5 “wearable snack pack” has plenty of pockets to hold your appetizers, main course, snacks, and beverage, all while keeping your food nice and toasty. Essentially, it’s a mini kitchen you can wear like a front-facing backpack or a baby carrier, because after all, snacks are precious cargo.

Want to nervously munch on mozzarella sticks and mini bean burritos while you yell at the referee on your TV screen? Just tuck them into the upper thermal pouch in your Hunger Harness and you’re good to go. Want to make sure you have enough tortilla chips to last through the halftime show? There’s a side pocket for that, too—plus an insulated slot for your queso or dip of choice. A built-in food tray rests on your lap and “turns you into a human table,” and there’s also a pouch for a can of your beverage of choice.

The Hunger Harness was sold in waves in limited quantities and is no longer available. Some may be found on other sites, but are now extremely rare. Just get out that old Baby Bjorn and repurpose as needed! Be creative! If you’re thinking of procuring one for yourself, please heed this advice from Reynolds: “Use caution when handling hot food and beverages.” Lovers of lava-hot pizza rolls, you’ve been warned.

“our inventions mirror our secret wishes.”

-lawrence durrell



credits: emily petsko, reynolds


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    • interesting indeed. people will do anything not to miss a second. this year, the Cincinnati Bengals (Ohio) will play the Los Angeles (California) Rams. The Rams’ quarterback is Matthew Stafford, who played for my team, the Detroit Lions, who never won anything. This first year he was traded, they are in the Super Bowl. I’m kind of cheering for them, but also want the Bengals because they haven’t won In many years. Half-time show will be incredible with 5 rap legends performing together. Should be fun –

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  1. I think it would be great for long road trips, and packing your own foods means not paying high prices for snacks in a convenience store/gas station. I’m also thinking that when you finally MUST get up to use the restroom, it would be a hassle. Amazing plays will be shown again and anything else doesn’t matter in the end.

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  2. What a great invention. Handy for non super bowl events too. Glad to see Stafford in the SB one year after being traded from the Lions. The Lions seem to take the souls from some of the best players. Hopefully, it’s a close game!

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