frites by idaho.


The Idaho Potation Commission gave away a French fry-scented perfume ahead of Valentine’s Day.

The new perfume purports to give off the aroma of French fries in all their greasy, salty splendor. “Whether you’re at a drive through restaurant or dining in, it’s near impossible to not grab a fry and take a bite before you dive into your meal,” Jamey Higham, president and CEO of the Idaho Potato Commission, said in a statement. “The smell is too good to resist.”

Dubbed Frites by Idaho, the “limited-edition fragrance” was going for $1.89 per 1.7 oz bottle on the commission’s website before selling out. The fragrance, which the commission says captures “one of the world’s most irresistible scents,” is made from distilled Idaho potatoes and essential oils.

A recent national survey by the firm Pollfish found nearly 90% of Americans “find the smell of French fries irresistible.”The Idaho commission has additional potato merchandise available for those addicted to spuds, including a French fry holder, Idaho potato playing cards, a miniature potato-hauling truck, and a 3-foot-tall “Spuddy Buddy.”

“show me a person who doesn’t like french fries and we’ll swap lies.”

-joan lunden


credits: joe hernandez, npr, big talk productions, bbc

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  1. French fries are my indulgence when dining out, and no matter the entree, I will eat all of the fries and take a to-go box of anything else on my plate I was too full to finish! I would have loved the opportunity to let that scent waft to my nose, though it might well have made my mouth water! I love the tidbits of information you find to share with us!

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  2. I had a student that would bring me McDonald’s french fries. I had french fry socks. The kids thought me a kind person until they realized my kindness stopped at sharing my french fries. The young man who brought me the fries at least 2-3 times a month died of cancer two years ago at the age of 14. Not to pour salt in this precious post, but his parents and I can smell the fries and I will forever cherish french fries, their smell, their taste, and the love they gave me.

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