for ukraine.


The village of Dzembronya, in the Carpathian Mountains,

is often called the place where the clouds are born,

because it is the highest mountain settlement in Ukarine.


“people do not want war.

war springs from causes wholly outside the lives, interests, and feelings of the people.”

-frederic clemson howe



photo credit: Roksana.Bashyrova/WikiCommons

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  1. I have been thinking exactly that for much of my life. War doesn’t serve people at all and it’s been a strange revelation to me over the past few years in this country that — against their own interests — people are happy to carry guns and fight each other. War is that impulse taken to a crazy level. I don’t know — I remember during the Rodney King riots a black guy stood on a street near my house with a sign that said, “Why can’t we all just get along?” There’s just a dark and horrible thing inside humanity. I’m totally cool with describing that as Satan.

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