living and learning.




love seeing my granddaughters

riding while filled with a gentle spirit and mutual trust

love all the other grandies coming out

to see what they have been working on

love that they each have different things they love to do

karate, basketball, writing, swimming, cooking, reading, fantasy games,

swimming, horseback riding, drawing, helping people, flying, exploring,

floating, small business building, playing, celebrating

yet they all have the same tender spot for animalsΒ 

while living life and learning.

β€œfrom horses we may learn not only about the horse itself

but also about animals in general,

indeed about ourselves and about life as a whole.”

-george gaylord simpson

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  1. Although the kids think they are just enjoying a fun activity, they are really learning a number of valuable life lessons. There is no more enjoyable a way of learning, than being taught by the games we play. Great post, Beth! I know you must be beaming with pride for all the grandies!

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  2. Truly wonderful. If only life could stay that beautiful when we grow up and responsibilities and all the rest, become real. The awakening is like a child finding out Santa doesn’t exist. May your grandchildren enjoy every second of their lives.

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      • Doing ok, Beth. As ok as one can in these crazy times. I need to try to write again….The Princess and I are still ending up in silly situations, despite all the craziness happening in our world right now. I guess I just feel like it would be somehow disrespectful to write about our silliness in light of everything happening right now….anyhow hope all is well with you and the kiddo’s (both at school and in your family). :>)

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        • thanks for catching me up, I know what you mean, it feels hard to be silly in light of things, but I also think we need a bit of joy to keep us going through the hardest times


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