every moment.


the kinder discover yet another miracle



“every moment of light and dark is a miracle.”

-walt whitman

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  1. Mary Oliver , the poet of Wonder, would have understood this; as would we if we stop still and watch; why, I remember that night looking up at the horizon after sunset many decades ago, with my wife and kids, stunned, watching the lights of the Aurora Australis —

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  2. Someone told me yesterday that on average a child laughs 500 times a day. I asked what the average an adult laughs. She said ‘probably 5’. I thought of all the things kids teach us, then we forget. Like the fun they are having here.

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  3. Precious, Beth! They’re seeing in a new light! You’re such an amazing teacher. I have this thing for flashlights…I used to think I needed to buy one of each different type. My boys had the same fascination! Happy Friday, Beth! 💛


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