never enough time.


and once again

the meaningless disruption

of daylight savings time

has returned


many of us

unmoved by it.

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”

-bill watterson, calvin and hobbes




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  1. The whole idea of DST is hogwash in my opinion. We simply exchange an hour in the morning for sunrise for an hour’s postponement of sunset. Since I’m an early riser, all I feel is cheated out of an hour of daylight, since, by sunset, I’m too tired to appreciate it. Oy vey!

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  2. This way around is the more inconvenient one… we still have two weeks until it is our turn. But I am looking forward to more daylight in the evening. If it was up to me, they could keep it that way.

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  3. The phrase ‘spring ahead’ sounds so marvelous, Beth, until my life is jolted for at least a week from losing that precious hour of sleep in the morning. Every year it gets harder for my mind and body to adapt to this cycle of the changing of the clock.

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  4. Just pick one or the other and stick with it!! I’d vote for whichever gives us more daylight in the evening, but offhand I can’t even tell you which system does that. The only half-valid justification I’ve heard is something about school kids waiting in the dark for their morning bus. So just start school later … ??

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  5. I have always hated the time-changes. The reasons we once had for them (harvest/farming, etc) are no longer relevant. They should be scrapped.
    (Ours is not until the 27th of March this year)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  6. DST has a long history, as do time zones and other human attempts to mark the earth’s daily, yearly, and erratic wobble. That’s why there are so many different calendars, too.

    The decision about what time it is is a political one, with Greenwich England the negotiated standard for the beginning of each day.

    Within the US, some jurisdictions don’t use DST.

    Long distance, fast travel, such as via airplane, increases the confusion.

    Does anyone really know what time it is? When the sun rises, it’s daytime. After it sets, it’s nighttime.

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  7. This one doesn’t seem to bug me the way it does many other people. My wife and I have this giant old clock hanging on the wall. It’s such a pain in the neck to get down that we just never bother with it. For the next six months, our clock is on time again. 🤣

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