on siblings day.



(a repost)


one sister visiting

one sister gone too soon

 only brother on his way

 grandchildren in tow

we visited the place

where we had grown up.

it looked much the same

yet felt somehow not.

 much like us.

“there is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged

to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

-nelson mandela

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  1. I have no siblings, but I get it. Nelson was right. When I went back to London some years after moving here to the countryside, I felt it was me that was out of place in a city I knew so well.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. A few months ago, we to the funeral of a friend’s mother, and showed another friend the houses we had grown up in. Then I called my sisters to them how beautiful–the same and different–our old house looked.

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  3. It’s sad to lose siblings too soon. Sorry for the loss of your sister, Beth. Two of my siblings have now passed. There were originally ten. Now eight remain. How wonderful to be able to visit your old home and relive some of those childhood memories. Everything that seemed so big when we were kids can seem so small when we are grown. But the feelings continue to grow.

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  4. I have four siblings and I’m the only one who hasn’t been back to visit our childhood home, which is now is a historical preservation neighborhood. I want to remember it exactly as it was.

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  5. So accurate Beth. On the rare occasions I have driven to my childhood home it looks nearly identical. The same tree in the center of the front yard which keeps the grass, all these years later, still, from growing. The same siding. The same front porch. And yet. It isn’t the same. Wait. It’s me that;s not the same.

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  6. So much has changed since I left the place of my youth. My siblings and I are definitively different people and I wonder sometimes how that can be given being raised in the same place by the same parents. We don’t share much in common now days except those roots. The farm where I grew up is no longer in the family and that saddens me. But time marches on and I suppose my lime green basement bedroom is no longer lime green, which is a good thing.

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