noetic or poetic?




Part of speech: adjective 

Origin: Greek, mid-17th century

Definition: Relating to mental activity or the intellect.

Examples in a sentence:

“The philosophy department attracts noetic students.”

“Noah was equally athletic and noetic”

Some travel life, 

Shining brightly noetic

But as for me, 

 I’d rather wax poetic. 





image credit: npr brightside

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  1. My studio is basic
    Where I try to be poetic
    While I listen to my music
    Both classical and dynamic

    My words can be romantic
    Rustic, tragic, and optimistic
    Sometime cryptic and eccentric
    I am neither academic nor noetic

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  2. Thank you for increasing my knowledge. I shall now measure each of the many mystical experiences common in my part of the world, by its noetic value. A very underused term.

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