at last, may.


yes it was yesterday, i think they may have over-celebrated and lost count. 

the fairy dance

the soft stars are shining,

the moon is alight;

the folk of the forest

are dancing tonight:

o swift and gay

is the song that they sing:

they float and sway

as they dance in a ring.

o seek not to find them,

the wee folk so fair;

they’re shy as the swallow

and swift as the air:

if you come, they are gone

like a snowflake in may:

like a breath, like a sigh,

they vanish away.


-katherine davis (1892-1980)




image source: peter gray’s vintage art and postcards

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  1. Every time I hear (or see) the words “It’s May” I start singing in my head the words from a song in the musical Camelot: It’s May, it’s May, the lusty month of May, the lovely month when everyone goes blissfully astray… Also, I’m old enough that I remember my elementary school attaching crepe paper streamers to the bottom of the flagpole and children took turns dancing ’round it…

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