cinco de mayo!!


not me, but yes it is one of my dream halloween costumes. 


i don’t drink anymore for cinqo de mayo, i celebrate with mexican food, or as it’s known in mexico: ‘food.’ 

-craig ferguson



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  1. The great thing is that this costume can be worn on several occasions, making the cost worth it. It can also be worn on LGBTQ day. Learn how to juggle and some easy magic tricks and you can hire yourself out for childrens’ birthday parties. But, I agree with Brad about being careful around sticks!

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  2. Thanks for reminding me it’s cinco de mayo. When we lived in CA this date was celebrated big time. Not so much here in New England. I don’t like dressing up for Halloween, but if I had this costume, I would wear it with pleasure on Oct. 31!!

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  3. It’s celebrated big time in downtown Denver. I’ve never participated, but I’ll gladly hit up the nearest Mexican restaurant. It’s also my son’s wedding anniversary, so it’s a big day all around.

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  4. I would love to wear that at school! We were going to do an impromptu play performance of The Three Dinosaurs Gruff in (partly) Spanish, but we had an unexpected delivery of cards instead. 😍


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