push and pull.


my favorite indignant complaint of the month

 straight from our local ‘next door’ site. 

“So half of ann arbor doors are PUSH. But the other half are all PULL. Can’t the CITY make up their minds about anything??? I’m drafting a letter to Governor Whitmer if you want to sign. We can not be expected to remember which is push or which is pull! I am just tired of this. Life is stressful and having to constantly push or, wait, PULL is nonsense at this point.”

“a man will be imprisoned in a room with a door that’s unlocked and opens inwards;

as long as it does not occur to him to pull rather than push.”

ludwig wittgenstein

art credit: gary larson, the far side

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  1. I vote that buildings have doors like restaurant kitchens do – one in and one out, both being “push” doors. That way, whether your hands are full going in or coming out, it makes life just a little easier! Better yet, automatic opening doors!! I’ve never given so much thought to how doors open before!

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  2. Some people can’t make up their minds about anything while the rest of the population is sure they are right and always remembers to call people who oppose their views idiots. And we’re an “advanced society?”

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