for texas. and everywhere.


“the world is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places.

but there is much that is fair.

and though, in all lands,

love is now mingled with grief,

it still grows, perhaps the greater.”

-j.r.r. tolkien



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  1. Right after the families immediately affected by each of these events, as they mount up I am thinking about the families of victims of previous incidents for how impossibly heartbreaking all over again it must be to see this happen to other families, and to have not been able to prevent it.

    Preventing future such tragedies would be about the only sense of purpose that you could have to keep going afterwards. I mean with air accidents that is so often a source of solace for survivors and relatives. And this is so so much worse than that.

    These tragedies are singular and cumulative in their damage. The scale of it all is just impossible to comprehend.

    And then besides all of that I just cannot comprehend the absolute courage parents and children have to have over there just to go to school. It’s so easy for me to think I would never go to school again in that situation, I’d be too scared.

    There’s just no words for it, there can only be actions.

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  2. And again, we will grieve and we will grumble as yet more innocent lives are lost to the hand of one evil person. It hurts, but we have yet to do anything to make certain it never happens again. Apparently politics and winning the battle of politics is more important than the lives being lost. Does “the right to bear arms” include assault rifles?

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  3. I appreciate this encouraging quote as I struggle with anger, grief, disbelief…so many emotions. My heart hurts for all those families of children lost, past and present. And I ask, “Why, oh, why, can’t something be done?” Enough is enough. It’s time to focus on lives rather than money and power and politics and rights.

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  4. ❀ I will never understand why the people with the power to do something IMMEDIATELY to (at the very least) diminish the chances of this happening again don't do it. I think I moved out of the US on January 6, 2021. I'm living on an island in the middle of a big valley. The island has a very small population and few visitors.

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  5. While these acts of senseless violence are hard to comprehend, I am comforted in thinking about all of the goodness that exists in the world.

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