midnight diner (the show).


beautiful, beautiful, beautiful opening score for ‘midnight diner’


i discovered this show last year and was instantly taken in

each episode like a small movie in itself

a tiny diner

simple meals and wisdom

served up by

a quiet, wise, and mysterious owner

short stories with twists

 resolutions that play themselves out

as they were meant to

filled with eccentric characters

many on the fringe of society

 connected in unexpected ways

all are welcome

the stories are filled with humanity

 unfolding slowly

as a sense of zen and calm

come over you when watching it

not to be missed.

in japanese with english subtitles

reviews and comments about this show frequently include the words:

calming, hopeful, soothing, wise, warming, comfort, saved me, comfortable, human

show credits: netflix, midnight diner  music credits: Omoide 思ひで by Tsunekichi Suzuki

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  1. I have a recording of waves of water under a pier .. or somewhere. it is very calming. We do need to take time to rest our minds. Clear our thoughts. It won’t happen unless we search for it.

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  2. Very interesting. I haven’t heard of that series before. But maybe I should consider watching Japanese movies with subtitles. At least, you inspired me to do so. Thank you, Beth.

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