an untiring effort.



“democracy is never a final achievement. it is a call to an untiring effort.”

-john f. kennedy





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  1. Anything we gain can be overturned in a second. Nothing is real, it’s only what the men in charge want. That’s all there is nowadays. If Roe vs Wade is overturned, women will die and men don’t care. Women have no voice, nor do they own their own bodies. So, democracy is a word. It’s owned by the rich and those in power. Watch THE JANES on HBO They had an entire ward for botched abortions and dying women. I hope they’re getting the beds ready.


  2. Many enjoyable posts here today.
    Thank you!
    I watched the Jan. 6 committee last night.
    I hope they succeed in saving democracy! Between trump and guns, it’s a scary thing.

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