while at the airport waiting for a flight to arrive

 the voice of a cheerful tsa agent came on the intercom:

” attention, attention, all in the terminal!

if you are walking around

with your pants falling down around your knees

come back and see us at the tsa checkpoint,

we have your belt right where you left it!

 i figured this guy

 working a double shift this weekend

 dealing with a lot of unhappy, delayed, and cancelled customers

has a boss who’s putting out fires

or off for the log off the long holiday

 just wants to have fun and make the best of things


“my belt holds my pants up, but the belt loops hold my belt up.

i don’t really know what’s happening down there.

who is the real hero?”

-mitch hedberg

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  1. I always double-check to make sure all the belt loops are “employed” when sporting a belt. Once many years ago I missed a belt loop. I felt so dumb I vowed that even though I continue to do dumb things, that dumb thing would not be repeated.

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  2. Humor is the great elixir. As far as I’m concerned, people can wear what they want. The key word is “wear” since belts are a necessity for wearing pants.

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