good humor.


nothing like seeing a good humor truck in the summertime.

what’s your personal go-to order?

i’m all about the ice cream sandwiches or strawberry shortcake bars.


“there is nothing in the world so irresistibly contagious as laughter and good humor.”

-charles dickens

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  1. For me, nothing better than a simple vanilla ice cream OR a scoop of sorbet. But then, we don’t have that choice of fancy-stuff, and I am not a dessert/pudding person. However, just yesterday when I thought I was gonna die of heat after my doctor’s visit, I found a new brand of the most wonderful, natural vanilla ice cream slab, covered in black choc and almonds – which really changed my mind about ice cream. Vanilla from real stuff and Fairtrade chocolate…… mmmh


  2. As a kid, there is no sound more welcome or exciting on a summer afternoon than an ice cream truck. I never had a go to treat, but went with the flow. Summer is awesome. Peace.


  3. I remember Mr. Cool driving through our street when we live in the US. We heard the melody of the truck from afar and my daughter loved going to the ice cream truck. Gosh, she was three.. now she is almost 27. What a time that was 💖

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