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  1. The price of coffee has rocketed like everything else. 😦
    Once (or twice) my husband prepared the coffee the night before and forgot to put the coffee in. Enjoyed a tasty cuppa hot water the next morning.
    Another time he forgot to put the water in. I turned it on in the AM and went about my business. I think that was the year we got a new Mr. Coffee.

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  2. That is the greatest quote! My wife and I were traveling and the day we flew back I didn’t have any coffee and it was like an old friend didn’t show up to brighten up my day! Oh and I am writing this with a hot cup next to me now@!

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  3. You must have been searching around my head for a topic. For the past several weeks, I’ve been training to stretch myself between the time I get up and the time I make my first cup of coffee. I now know that I can, barring a major snowstorm requiring cleaning off the car first, make it a mile away to the convenience store to get a cup of coffee if for some reason, I can’t have the nectar of the gods within the first 4 minutes of being awake!

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  4. I used to drink 4-6 cups of coffee every day, for most of my adult life. Then last year, I stopped liking the taste of it, and switched to tea. I don’t miss the coffee at all. That surprised me.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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