It’s hard not to see, but admittedly if someone wasn’t watching for the phenomenon that unfolded Friday morning, they could have definitely missed it. This does call into question what it means to be seeing the sun. According to the website, while the claim is technically true, the number of people perceiving sunlight is a bit lower – about 93% of the world’s population.

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  1. The solstices and equinoctial points have defined much of our reality, We have the labours of the month, and so much more. Feasts are always celebrated according to the sunlight and darkness. 🌹


  2. That’s an astonishing fact that I didn’t know about, Beth. When my wife and I rolled into Anchorage, Alaska, around 10:30 p.m. and saw the sun still in the sky one summer night, that was the oddest feeling. I’m already a fussy sleeper, and falling asleep was hard when it wasn’t dark out.

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