how now, brown cow?


“This is our cow we lost. It’s actually a steer, but for simplicity, we called it a cow.”

My personal favorite neighborhood NextDoor conversation (a 6-day string) of the week!:

My neighbor’s cow (red and white) seems to have walked away sometime last night, and they can’t find him(or her?) 

Has anyone seen a cow ? Please let me know.  (My neighbor isn’t on Nextdoor )

Its a common problem here…one guy woke up to 4 cows in his yard! There are worse problems, lol

Is it utterly possible that cows are looking for new homes?

Did they find their cow yet?  Would they like some help looking?

So my husband and I both thought we heard a cow mooing early this morning while we were in bed. We live on ___. Not sure if a cow would come this far but….

Hi! This is __, the owner of the cow! We still haven’t found it! Could you tell me (or call me) whereabouts you heard the mooing?

 You can call me if you’d like at ___. There is a dairy farm east of us. Maybe it headed there?

Did they find the cow ?

 No we haven’t!

Has anyone lost a white duck?

I saw a cow in the 4th of July parade in Tawas City!  No, too far to go.

Red and white?

 Yes, mostly brownish red, with a little white.

Best of luck to you guys!! There is so much rural between here & there. A loose cow could have quite the adventure! I haven’t heard it again, but definitely will keep an eye out. I thought I was losing my marbles for sure.

We found it! It has been at a farmers place at _____! Whew! We are so relieved. It was in good hands. Thank you all for your concern and help!
My chicken ran away for almost 2 days maybe they are sick of our ___, just saying.
So glad you found it and no harm came to it.

“moo may represent an idea, but only the cow knows.”

-mason cooley

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  1. “…for simplicity we called it a cow,” Still laughing my head off!

    (And this despite the fact that I live on an island with regular notifications that our road is blocked by crossing ducks, otters, sheep, cyclists, and the occasional Highland Coo …) 🦆🐑🦦🚴🐄

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  2. My NextDoor threads are never this fun, and rarely this positive. It’s mostly people doing a lot of complaining. Probably a sign I need to move to the country. Lost cows make for much friendlier conversations. Glad they found the cow!

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    • oh, there certainly are those other elements at times, but I love finding the fun ones that the community gets involved in. I live near a city but surrounded by some areas that are clearly more rural )


  3. The charm of this story is its reality! I once saw a handful of cows traipsing towards the parking lot of a hotel where I worked, escaped from a nearby farm. I grew up near a dairy, so I’d seen cows before. The best part for me was the reaction of tourists who were truly steel- and high-rise city folk and had never seen a cow in person! I’m glad the cow (steer) was found and kept safely!

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  4. Last year, we had a stray cow on the field over at Beetley Meadows. It ran at two people and barged into them, knocking a man down. The police were called, but refused to attend as it was ‘Private Land’. But they did ring some local farmers. One had a cow missing, and he discovered it had knocked down a wire/post fence and walked from the field across the small river onto Beetley Meadows.
    It was eventually reuinted with its owner.
    Living in the countryside can be fun at times, unless you are the people barged by the angry cow,
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  5. I lived in a true cow county for many years, Beth, and indeed right next to a dairy farmer for a four-year stint that had his herd standing at my rear fence greeting me for my morning cup of coffee! They were a lovely, friendly bunch.

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  6. The late Comedian Garry Handling always wondered what cows thought when people driving by would roll down their windows and shout out “MOO!” Did the cows think, “hey, there’s a cow driving that car!”

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  7. Is it utterly possible that cows are looking for new homes?

    It is absolutely udderly possible. It happens, here, too. And geese. They’re always going to town. No one knows why. And bison. A bison has roamed through this end of town a couple of times. He’s a “pet” (relative, of course, as he is a bison)

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  8. One day I came home from work and found a bunch of cow patties and chewed-up grass in our open backyard. I never found out exactly what happened, though one of our neighbors has a fenced pasture with cows.

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