yesterday was my favorite day of the week for crosswords

sunday paper delivered at home

weekend puzzle inside

waiting to challenge me

my personal process may include

a tiny bit (iota) of cursing (*&@^) at times

until that ‘aha’ (eureka moment) arrives.

word of the day:



part of speech: noun

origin: american english, mid 1970s

definition: a person who enjoys or is skilled at crosswords.

example in a sentence:

“my mother, the cruciverbalist, still receives the daily newspaper so she can solve the crossword with her pen.”

“just got excited at a crossword clue that was ‘cheese lovers’ and was like ooh,

there’s a name for people like me it turns out it was: mice.

-word porn

one of my fav films

these are my people.


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  1. We have a giant crossword in the lunchroom at work. People stop on occasion and fill in a few words here and there as they can. I have to avoid it, because I know myself well enough that if I start, I will be there until I complete it. Love this post, Beth!

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  2. I used to love going to Barnes and Noble and getting the monthly book of TV Guide crossword puzzles. All the clues were celebrity/TV show based. So much fun. They discontinued making it now.

    My favorite Sunday puzzle is the Wonderword. My grandma used to do it every Sunday. I was just thinking about getting it home delivered because the past two Sundays, the Sunday paper has been sold out at the place I get it at.

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  3. My parents were crossword puzzle lovers, and my mom liked the cryptoquote as well. My favorite thing about a crossword puzzle is being able to fill in a word or two that both of them had been unable to do. “Aha! I’m smarter than you are!” is a great way to feel about your parents! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. I can’t do English crosswords but I do them in German. But presently I need to retrain my grey matter and I do daily binario and sudoku. Suits me better right now. I do know a guy who does the Sunday Times UK crossword. It’s hellish difficult. All of these are geat brain food.

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