i am visited enough.


 there’s a phrase in german (regional,) meaning “i am feeling visited enough”

that you can say when you want company to go, and this is brilliant.

it’s “ich fühle mich jetzt genug besucht.” 

use as needed.



credits: united humanists, warner brothers pictures photo

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  1. I’m not a bit fluent in German, so I’m left to wonder if this is any more civil than our phrase Don’t let the door hit you on the butt on the way out, which may leave a bit of an insult with your departing visitors, Beth.

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  2. I’m a Swiss German, but have never ever heard that one…. but we do use the English phrase about visits and fish. I confess however that with some ‘enforced’ visits a similar feeling might creep up 😉


  3. I have saved this and found it so fun. I don’t think I ever heard it growing up. I could say it but those I’d be saying it to wouldn’t understand or care. I probably would only say it if family overstayed their welcome. 😉 Thanks for this.

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