book month is on.


(someone in a squirrel costume pretending to be me coming home from the ilbrary/bookstore)

it is national book month after all –

“with freedom, flowers, books and the moon, who could not be perfectly happy?”

-oscar wilde



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  1. I have moved several times and always think perhaps it’s time to get rid of some of the old books. I never do and pack them up again to be moved. Some may still be in a box in the attic … all ready for the next move.

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  2. When my TBR pile exceeded 200 books, I made a promise to myself that no more could come into my home until that pile was exhausted. And I did read them all – but only because I bought a Kindle and promised myself I couldn’t start reading the books I’d downloaded until I finished my TBR of tangible books. It worked! Now my Kindle has close to 400 books downloaded, even though I’ve read over 100 books on it, and I’m wondering what incentive I can give myself to quit adding more books?

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  3. Pre-COVID our county library used to have an annual (every August) three-day surplus book give-away. Thousands of books each year (surplus and older-beat up books). I went three years running… My wife insisted I stop going when a brought home two stuffed moving boxes. LoL The books started off in labeled boxes, but as they got picked over, there was no rhyme or reason. Made for excellent time wasting, but not always pleasant as it is typically over 100F here in August. I usually went first day at 10am opening to beat the heat.

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  4. I just love libraries; how lucky we are we can borrow books; I can could write a book — in fact I probably have if I cared to collate — of all the posts I’ve written on libraries, including the one last week 🙂 which just got a harsh comment

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  5. I love book month. Finished 2 on my “vacation?” I do have enough to see me through my demise not to mention fabric and crafts so I’ll just run the dust cloth over all and relish my good fortune. Of course, there are the audible and kindle of which I have aplenty but always, always find one or a dozen more irresistible. Had headphones on this morning at 4 a.m. to finish the most recent.

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