the fixer.


the tiny drinking fountain in our room

had been shut off for over 2 years

as a precautionary measure due to covid.

this year

one kinder, a young 3

decided he was going to fix it

fidgeting with it every day

without any tools

looking under it and all around it

pushing the button

day after day

he never stopped trying

nothing happened


one day we came in

noticed it was working

(perhaps a building elf had stopped by after school)

i took our little fixer over to see it

showed him the water coming out

told him he must have finally fixed it!

hard to imagine

the look of shock and joy on his face

to see it working

after all of his hard work

and refusal to give up

the class now celebrates him as a hero

and use the fountain every day

 he proudly checks on it often

his face still amazed every time.

“i’m good at figuring out how things work, but I don’t know how this happened.” 

-nora roberts, the collector

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  1. Oh, I love this story so much! It was brilliant of you to make your student think he was why the drinking fountain now works. I can just see the look of pride on his face. You just went up another notch in my eyes as a teacher. (Like, isn’t that everyone’s goal—to impress Springer.🤣) Well done, Beth!

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  2. oh wow, we’re on to a winner! i love, love this determination and i appreciate the ‘elf’s’ effort to help it along. water fountains everywhere were one of my faved experiences when i lived in ‘traanaaa’ (Toronto) about a hundred years ago.

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