tiny bread box.


Born in Utah, NATALIA MEIJOME spent a large portion of her childhood in her father’s original hometown of Buenos Aires. She created this most unusual bakery as an homage to the Argentine panaderías she loved as a child. In lieu of a full-scale shop, however, Meijome opted for a much more diminutive format. Locals in the area know to go early to this self-service bakery with a view of Mt. Monadnock in order to snag the best pastries.

Every Saturday morning, Meijome stocks her Tiny Bread Box in rural Vernon, Vermont with goodies such as palmeritas (laminated pastries covered in caramelized sugar), maple bacon cheddar biscuits, and alfajores maicena (tender sandwich cookies filled with dulce de leche). Offerings vary daily, but tend to lean heavily on a sourdough starter for extra flavor. For her milk bread loaf and individually portioned cinnamon rolls, Meijome uses tangzhong, a flour-water roux often used by East Asian bakeries to produce an exceptionally tender crumb.

To order, customers simply need to scan a QR code and pay with a credit or debit card. Tiny Bread Box partially operates on the honor system, which inhabitants in this small New England community have always respected.

Tiny Bread Box is located right near the Vernon VT forest trailhead (J. Maynard Miller Municipal Forest), making it ideal for hikers looking to stock up on snacks.

“all sorrows are less with bread.”

-miguel de cervantes




credits: instagram, gastro obscura, giarvis

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  1. I’ve never seen such a wonderful and small booth of bread! Good for her! Thank you for sharing this picture and story! It’s as warm as fresh bread (and the perfect aroma of success!)! Bread is my weakness and hiking my love. A perfect combo right there!

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  2. The honour system works well in Switzerland too. I had some revealing and hilarious exchanges about this with friends from France, visiting our country and telling about it. They couldn’t get over the fact, that a tin box and/or a pay-code you scan with your phone would work….
    This is such a lovely idea and beautiful presentation. Totally agree with the quote too. Tks for sharing this little treasure.

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