staying on course.


The Thorington Schoolhouse, in use 1859-1955 Washington Township, Michigan, USA


“there is an old saying that the course of civilization is a race between catastrophe and education.

in a democracy such as ours, we must make sure that education wins the race.”

-john f. kennedy



image credit: jeff bondono

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  1. Staying the Course is not easy. It takes work and persistence. We may ask: “But what can I do?” Even a gentle discussion with a reluctant neighbor/relative might change some minds. We are all educators in a way.
    Anger and argument is not helpful. (I’ve tried that.) 😦

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  2. What a beautiful quote and that picture, by Jeff, is stunning. It spurs many thoughts for me. I have photos of one-room schools from travels. In many ways I feel I was born at the wrong time, the wrong era and this evokes a time, in education and life, in which I had experienced. I think of you with your little kinders, Beth. Keep on staying the course in all you do. 💕

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    • thank you so much and I love what I do every day. I feel lucky and honored to be given there freedom to teach the truth and let the children experience and discover the world on their own terms. I’m just their guide.

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