why is it that my children were shocked

when i told them that i was born ‘before ranch’ (b.r.)?

shock and awe that i was alive when

cap’n crunch, doritos, $100,00 bars, pop tarts, ding dongs, cool whip, count chocula, and more

came to be

back in the day when food fell into the 

quick, easy, greasy, crunchy, sweet, and fun category

and lived to tell.


“my mouth doesn’t want to be quiet.”

-greta, age 4


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  1. As I ponder this, it makes me wonder what my parents’ lists would have looked like. They were both born before the first drive-in theatre (1933), the first stereo recording (1932), but barely before then (dad in 1928, mom in 1930).

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  2. Copied from one of my blog posts: I am from … “Before commercial jets, television, cordless phones, computers, transistor radios, TV dinners, garbage disposers, air conditioning, shopping malls, hair spray and hand-held blow dryers” I guess that’s also before Ranch, which I like, but I don’t want everything to taste like Ranch! That quote is adorable.

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  3. You made me think of a German student who went to the supermarket in San Diego then asked me the next day in class, “Why do you have so many kinds of corn flakes?” to her all cold cereal was corn flakes. In my memory, the first sweet cereal was GRRRRREEEEEAAAAT!

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  4. Hahaha!! When I read a story, I often look at the published date and say something like, “I was in college when this book was written”, knowing that my assistant teacher will say, “I wasn’t born yet.” Of course the food stories (what I did not have or what had not been invented yet) at lunchtime are the best. Greta, you go girl!

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