planters is looking for “peanutters” to drive its nutmobile

 America’s highways will now play host to Planters’s NUTmobile. The 26-foot-long “peanut on wheels” ferries Mr. Peanut around the U.S., promoting the brand at various local events. And the company is currently on the hunt for three enthusiastic “Peanutters” to drive it.

Actually operating the NUTmobile is but one small part of a Peanutter’s role. They’re also expected to plan and execute events for Mr. Peanut and the NUTmobile to attend across the country. This includes things like booking hotels, communicating with local media to publicize the events, managing the NUTmobile social media accounts, and even dressing in costume to entertain visitors. The gig, which kicks off in June 2023, is quite literally a full-time job: 40 hours a week over five days, with plenty of variation in your weekly schedule depending on what events are on the agenda (and where).

It’s a one-year assignment, after which you could score an interview for a more long-term job in Hormel’s food sales department. If you have a bachelor’s degree, a valid driver’s license, and a hankering to cruise around in a giant peanut (and sometimes dress up as one), you can apply here by Tuesday, February 14. In addition to a résumé and cover letter, you’ll also have to upload“short video describing why you would make the perfect Peanutter.” Now’s your chance to turn your peanut butter obsession into a career.

“in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. “

-mary poppins



sources: hormel foods, ellen gutoskey, wdiv-tv

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  1. I read this story a couple days ago and almost blogged about it, too! I would guess if you applied for this gig and didn’t get it, you could always try the Oscar Mayer folks.. I saw where they were looking for drivers for the wienermobile.

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  2. The Peanut Car looks like something that I would see passing by in a Parade. I expect the clowns (at least 50) to jump out any moment.
    In fact I always think of your blog as an entry in a Parade. Each different yet in the same style. Not too long. Not too short. I’m always looking forward the next float. 🙂

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  3. I instantly thought of Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels van from Dumb and Dumber when I saw the NUTmobile. Why does it seem like that might be something they’d do?

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