scam likely.


who is scam likely?

an old friend from elementary school?

someone i went to camp with? 

an indy band?

someone i met at a carnival?

sam likely’s twin?

i’m not sure, but scam calls me often

he/she must feel rejected

as i never take their call.

“cats have a scam going- you buy the food,

they eat the food, they go away;

that’s the deal.”

– eddie izzard



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  1. My phone is set up so that any calls from a number not in my contact list goes straight to my voice mail. My voice mail says that if the caller doesn’t leave a message, the number will be blocked. I have over 300 blocked numbers, not that it matters. I need a new phone and I’m procrastinating since I don’t remember how I set this ‘transfer to voicemail’ up!

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  2. Like others mentioned, my most frequent caller is “Potential Spam.” That makes me laugh. What do we always tell our kids? I want you to live up to your potential. In this case, not so much.🤣

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  3. If it’s not one scam, it’s another.
    Beth, it’s amazing how many lazy, (they think they are lazy, but can put quite a bit of effort into their “scam”), unscrupulous people internet has thrust upon the world. They make me think of insects, like bed bugs, lice, mosquitoes….all the blood suckers.

    Anyway, guess what I’m going to do now. I’m going to read a children’s book. I’m reading a series.

    Thanks for all the fab posts here today!

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