in the blink of an eye.



how many times do you blink per year?

a. between 3.5-5.1 million

b. between 5.2-7.1 million

c. between 7.2-9.8 million

if you guessed b, you are right.

(sent to me by my eye doctor, i’ve never really considered it before,

but it may be useful one day if i’m in a world championship trivia final)

“there can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.”

-malcolm gladwell



image credit: it array

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  1. I immediately wondered a couple of things: When putting on mascara, we blink more. The same is true for adhering false lashes. Wouldn’t those situations skew the count? Also, who gathered all of this information, how was it gathered, and how much of the government’s (gathered by taxes to the people) money was spent on the study?

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