humble hearts.


“love is the humblest yet the most powerful force that the human being has.”

-mahatma gandhi

happy valentine’s day to all


art credit: george shaw, painted love

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  1. “Love comes in at the eye.”… William Butler Yeats

    “Oh, Love is the crooked thing, there is nobody wise enough to find out all that is in it, for he will be thinking about love til the stars run away and the shadows eaten the moon.” … William Butler Yeats

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  2. Some restaurant chain needs to start a “Singles Mingle” at all of their locations for Valentine’s Day. It would be nice if we singles could get all fancied up and celebrate this day of love for love despite not being part of a couple!

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  3. Beth, I see daily that your heart is full of love; let this continue until the end of our days. I’m ill and this Valentine is the first full day I just stayed in bed, slummered, coughed, sneezed, drank tea, sent and received messages and a few phone calls – and I feel seriously better already. I just thought WHEN did I take a full day of doing nothing (of impact) and I couldn’t remember…. That was a lesson of loving too, give yourself a bit of love and everything gets easier. Can’t send hearts from my computer where you’re the first ‘stop’ of this evening but you feel them, don’t you?

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