road rally.

*mongolian rally car (not us, but similar situation)
okay, so it was not an intercontinental road rally
that speeds through tough terrain
in a variety of countries over a number of days
i went on a nighttime road rally scavenger hunt
that went through a few cities for a few hours
 (or more if you got lost or had an inside track on where to find something)
a wonderful adventure with a great team and lots of laughs
a marriage proposal, a virgin mary statue, a condescending best buy nerd,
a welcoming fast food worker, a parking lot dance-off
swinging on a swing set with a group
ending with a dinner with people i had never met before.
no bumps in the road, just pure fun.
“there is always strength in numbers.
the more individuals or organizations that you can rally to your cause, the better.”
-mark shields

*The Mongol Rally is an intercontinental car rally that begins in Europe and ends in Ulan-Ude, Russia. The rally originally ended in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. However, to avoid punitive costs and taxes associated with vehicle imports and disposal, the rally now passes through Mongolia and ends in Ulan-Ude. The principal launch is from Goodwood Circuit in the United Kingdom, with subsidiary starting points in the Czech Republic.

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  1. Ahh … It’s a long time since I’ve been on a Road Rally/’car trial’ here… but I do have a funny story … The Rally was around the countryside just out of Geelong. My navigator/co-pilot, had a beer in one hand and the Rally Map and Questions in the other hand … no, we were not the serious competitors, but we did our silly bestest. My co-pilot yelled, “stop”. I did without spilling a beer. My mate said I think we are in the right spot, the question is, “what important landmark is on your right” … meanwhile other Rally cars are whizzing past … he jumps out of the car, floppy hat and beer can in hand, has a look around and jumps back in the car and says, “don’t worry mate, I’ve got that question covered” … well, at the end of the day they started handing out the prizes … yep! we won a prize … the answer to that mysterious question was “Hamlyn Banks Aerodrome” … our prize was for the “silliest answer” of the day … my ‘mate’ the Co-pilot, his answer was “Gumtree” … he had it covered alright, there’s a bloody “Gumtree” in every paddock of Australia … yep! you guessed it, 50 years later we still call him GUMTREE …..

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  2. I freely admit that YOUR tour description tempts me far more than the Mongolia trip! However, my inner voice points out urgently that ppl with very very little eyesight shouldn‘t even read these ‚invites‘….

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