shopping and dropping.


three out of three are down for the count.

everyone enjoys the ‘shopping experience’ in their own way. 


“shopping is always fun for those that enjoy it.” 

-auliq ice

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  1. I enjoy the shopping excursion in a grocery store. Three or four times a year, I enjoy wandering through a thrift store (different ones each time). I run to a big box store once every 4 months and stock up on paper and cleaning products. And I am ALWAYS breaking down boxes from the way I enjoy shopping – Amazon delivery!

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  2. I used to love browsing any shops to tease my curiosity. Not so much now; I value my time too much to dive into those temples of handing out money. I‘ve found my favourite clothes shop, I have more of everything I can ever use, hang on the walls (I should have 20 more walls), I‘ve no longer a great need for plants or planters, pets are sadly no longer on the cards either (too much travel, not home enough, age), we feel like going out for a meal, so we do it. BUT having said all that, I just have a novel idea which I think I should present to HH: For our 25th wedding anniversary in March I could ask for a Trip to Ikea….. 🙂

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  3. Dale, HH does that, IF I can get him to come along (which is hardly ever the case). I find that particularly annoying when we‘re staying in an airbnb and we HAVE to shop for our food and stuff we can‘t get at home….

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